Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chi Cheng Plz Get Well Soon

Alex and I are pretty into our ambient metal, stuff like Jesu and Nadja. But less obvious (we hope & pray, everyday) is the fact we also occassionally feel / channel the vibes of our youthful flirtations with one of its embarrassing precursors: sports metal. All of those bands are absolutely terrible, make no mistake. They're awful. Do not listen to them. Not ever. Not once. Except the Deftones. Their music has, at different points in their career, ruled over us. So sensual yet the riffage is so so bru-tal; what's not to love. Go and listen to Minerva (from Deftones), Cherry Waves (from Saturday Night Wrist) or Digital Bath (from White Pony) right now, all of those songs 'pwn ass' to use the appropriate parlance.

Anyway, the bass player from the band Chi Cheng was involved in a car accident recently and has been badly hurt. This post goes out to him. We sincerely hopes he comes good. So Chi, get well soon please because you are the guy that loads down the sweet bottom end on those record and that needs to happen.

The band are, reportedly, just finishing up recording their new album. It's apparently going to be called EROS. As in the god of love. See what we mean: sensual but also brutal.

In other news we're definitely finishing up our new record at the moment. Just some vocals and some tweaks left now. It took about four days to record with mixing happening in December. We'll be releasing it February 2009 with a launch at the IMA Sat March 21st, 2009 (no shit!). It is going to be called DEROS. As in 'You guys a bunch of fkn deros for listening to the Deftones and shit'.



Andrew McMillen said...

Keen for the album. Forgive my ignorance, but what is IMA?

No Anchor said...

The Brisbane Institute of Modern Art in the Judith Wright Centre, Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley.

Anonymous said...

Two bullshit things in here:
1) Korn's first album is 40% great and 60% okay.
2) Your forgot Will Haven.