Monday, November 17, 2008


I came as the Black Metal Ryan Adams.

This is Andrew / Cured Pink Radio. He was a last minute addition to the set but I totally love what this guy is doing. If you dig doom/drone you should totally check him out. Attn: bands etc, book him already.

Dan Lews came in the night's most frightening costume: Big Day Out Australian Nationalist. Next to Dan is Tom Hall. Tom walked around all night with a bucket of blood and guts. Remember that fact, it comes in handy later.

This picture requires no explanation. It's just awesome.

Where to start? There is so much right with this photo that my brain hurts just looking at it. 1. Ben Thompson in corpse paint. 2. Todd Dixon in drag. 3. Nadia rocking a show in a backpack.

Some times I rock so hard on stage my hair looks weird.

Remember Tom Hall's bucket of blood? Here's where it ended up:

This looks so awesome it's kinda properly terrifying.

The 'stage' looked like some CSI shit after we were done.

We ran out of petrol on the way home. Todd went to the nearest petrol station in that dress and bought a jerry can and some fuel. Hard to the core. Or incrediably drunk. You decide.

Anyways, it was a Happy Halloween. You should come next year.

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