Email us at noanchorband (@)

This is the contact point for saying hi, booking shows, sending us money and asking us questions. Contacting us this way is more reliable than facebook or carrier pigeon.

As for who we are...

We were born. Years later, we met in Brisbane City. Later still we formed a band. To date we've done EVERYTHING you can do with a band - including divining water and raising the dead. We've made records and toured. But one day we will break up, that seems inevitable. Also inevitable is the fact that we will die at some point in the future. Sorry. BUT...before we break up (&/or die &/or RISE!), we absolutely intend to spend many years making beautiful, graceful, face obliterating music and exhibiting this music via a lengthy succession of recordings and live shows. This is our self-serving promise to you. So help us to help you, to love or hate our band - that's all we ask.

As of this very moment, No Anchor are...

Alex Gillies - Drums, Visuals & Mailroom
Donovan Miller - Bass, Vocals & Production Duties
Ian Rogers - Bass, Vocals and Myth Making