Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our new album STEAM is almost finished. I think we said that a couple of months ago - and we meant it then - but now it's even more 'almost finished'. It has now been mixed and mastered by sound artist and Room 40 owner Lawrence English. We fucking love it... well as much as you can love anything you make and spend months on end worrying about. It's about 39 mins long.

There are four songs:
Everything You Say
Cut Adrift

It's a bit different from our last record, more expansive, weirder and maybe darker? We're working on a early March release date. The CD will be available everywhere the last one was and mail order direct from us.

The launch is on at Sat March 21st @ The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. As our friend Geordie said 'It must be nice to be taken seriously' (he's right). Click here to buy pre-order because tickets are SUPER LIMITED. We're not kidding. We're aiming to make the nice cosy and fun. The supports are stupidly good: Lawrence English is launching his new record + Heinz RIEGLER (formerly Not From There / Nightstick).

There'll be some southern tour dates coming soon.

Peace out.

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Andrew McMillen said...

Excellent news gents - see you there!