Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The 7inch we made but forgot to title

...so I guess it's a self-titled EP then?

Last year we released our album Real Pain Supernova, you might have heard of it (if you're reading this). It was nine songs in a bit over an hour. This year we've swung the pendulum all the way to the other extreme by releasing an EP consisting of four songs in eight minutes. From what I remember I think we recorded the whole thing in four hours, late one night. Keeping it tight people!

It goes a little something like this:

Side A
Pussy Footin'

Side B
Jordan, Minnesota (Big Black Cover)

Anyway, fast forward a few months and we have this wonderful little package for you all.

Now as you will see below, we were foolish enough to indulge in some coloured vinyl versions. We did the first 100 in RAD blue. Another 150 in BLEAK black. Aaahhh.... we're so nerdy at times.

So we decided to do two versions of the artwork. The top two photos are the front/back for the blue vinyl and the cover art below is for the front/back black vinyl. While you're reading this you can rest assure that Alex is happily at home cutting, folding and putting together the covers and indulging his love of being a perfectionist.
The biggest shout out need to go to our friend Dase in Melbourne. This is the first time No Anchor has gone outside the band to make the artwork for one of our releases. Dase did a terrific job of it and we encourage you to go check out more of his stuff  HERE.

This is all going to be released in a few weeks' time on 17th March. You will be able to buy it direct from our Bandcamp page HERE The black vinyl will make into independent stores around the country over the coming weeks too. We will also have a digital version of the Ep available on our Bandcamp page*.

*The Big Black cover will only exist on the vinyl. Not on the digital version of the release.
We have a Brisbane launch coming up details to follow.

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