Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7inch Launch

As the poster says. We're putting on a Brisbane launch for our latest release.

We're especially stoked to be joined by our good friends from melbourne Whitehorse.

The full line up includes:
Melbourne's WHITEHORSE (http://whitehorsedestroys.bandcamp.com/) are making a rare trip to Brisbane before embarking on another US tour. Described by Brooklyn Vegan (that's a popular weblog) as 'uber-brutal death-doom', WHITEHORSE slays it every time. Even WE find it oppressive. Enjoy! Your hand will ache from excessive claw-throwing!

QUIET STEPS (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quiet-Steps) turn a bunch of stuff we like into songs. Can't exactly put our fingers on where they're getting it from but there's echoes of everything from slow core to Fugazi. Recommended. How could that not be recommended?

TINY SPIDERS (http://tinyspiders.bandcamp.com/) are Brisbane's best new band. And by 'new' I mean, populated by two people who have been slugging it out forever and have been helping No Anchor from the very start. That said, fuck all that. We booked them because they rock. And - full disclosure - because of Cam's hat in this film-clip: http://youtu.be/WRY2_zs5QLA

AND>>> DJ Swede Tooth plays dub and reggae between bands.

More details on the Facebooks

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Lara Happy said...

We have some serious love for Tiny Spiders over at Happy!