Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cleaning out...

I'm having a bit of a cleaning rampage at the moment. I was going through some old DVDrs the other day and I found a bunch of old No Anchor things. Most of it would be direly boring to anyone not in the band but I did dig up two things I thought might be worth preserving here:

Watery Graves (Demo) by No Anchor

This is probably as early as NA gets. 'Watery Graves' is the first song on our first album 'Fire Flood & Acid Mud' and this is the demo I made of it before my first practice with Alex. It's weird, I don't have a great memory for dates and places etc but I remember that I recorded this on my laptop while Iron On was in the studio mixing our last EP 'The Verse'. (That EP is rubbish by the way; maybe I should have paid more attention to it instead of working on this). Anyhow, it's weird listening back to this now. In some ways it's a lot doomier than the jittery noise-rock version on 'Fire Flood & Acid Mud'.

First Practice by No Anchor

Yep, 20th of June, 2007. This should be the worst thing I can think to listen to but it's strangely not REALLY that terrible. It is relatively terrible. But we actually committed far greater crimes in later practices. This is definitely the sound of Alex and I trying to work out what the hell to do with our gear to make a band. And failing.

What is kinda interesting is to think that 18 months later we were writing and playing songs like 'Steam' which seem much different. Noobs, take note.

- Ian

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