Friday, November 26, 2010

Kicking Back, Kicking On

Well, seeing as we (being No Anchor) now have an album in the can, you'd think that we'd all take a load off and chill out while everything get's mixed and someone tries to figure out how something so radiant and ugly as a No Anchor album should sound.

Fat chance! With one thing crossed of the 'to do' list, we turn to the next. Ian has put his solo band, Ambrose Chapel, in his backpack and is currently trekking round the country. He showed Melbourne a good time a few nights ago and if you're reading this from Sydney, then you have to go check him out this weekend. It's all explained in it's infinite radness in the poster below...

Back in Brisbane, I'm going to be part of a group art show called 'Wasted Dream' next week. I'll be one of seven local artists of which Murdoch Stafford (who designed No Anchor's amazing t-shirt), Mikel (from Teargas) and more will take over Brisbane's most righteous DIY venue Burst City for one night, Saturday 4th December (the night after No Anchor at Woodland).

For those unfamiliar with Burst City, it's across the road from the Qld Museum (directly across from the two large dinosaurs, T-Rex and the other one with the plates on it's back). Everything kicks off around 7pm...

And as For Donnie, his life has gotten really busy now that he's finally kicked No Anchor out of his studio. He's been recording the likes of BMX-RAY, The Rational Academy and more. If you're in a band or know folks who need their tunes captured for the world to hear, then you should get in contact and let him work his magic!

Get all the details here!

Oh, and go see the advancements in his other band Die On Planes who have been putting most of their recorded material online:

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