Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Inaugural No Anchor t-shirt

Design by Murdoch Stafford (

They cost $20 at shows or $25 mailed in Australia or $30 (AUS) mailed internationally:

Price (including postage)
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And there's more. If you want a copy of Steam or Press Start and Wait For Drone mailed off with your shirt, we can do that (we can do almost anything, including magic). You even get an goooooood discount:

T-shirt + CD = $33 / $38 AUS for international
T-shirt + Both CDs = $40 / $45 AUS for international

You can listen to both albums here:


Here is the button to press:

Price (including postage)
Pick A Size

Thanks for buying. We're about to start on No Anchor album #3 and so your purchase will make that record a reality a little sooner.


Carcultura said...

You cunts were tremendously good at both Melbourne shows. Thanks for the bowel loosening heavy rock radness!

ex_king_john said...

i reiterate. next t shirt skeleton must glow in the dark.