Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Press Start And Wait For Drone...is available now!

We have a new record out. Recorded while we were still a two-piece, 'Press Start And Wait For Drone...' is us documenting that phase of the band's life before moving on.

The recording was made in April 2009, a few months after 'Steam' was released and a few months before I toured overseas with AXXONN and my solo thing Ambrose Chapel. As soon as I got home in September, we set about finding a second bass player and that's where we are now. So think of this as a bit of stop-gap between Steam and our next record.

- Ian


Available from: http://noanchor.bandcamp.com/ for $10 + postage. You can also preview a track over there.

Recorded by Murray Paas via hard disk off the soundboard at the Troubadour. Later mixed by Murray at the Foundary. This is not a bootleg.


1. Steam
2. Wolves Bite And Disappear
3. Real Pain Supernova (previously unreleased)
4. Drone Me Out
5. Everything You Say

Running time: 33 mins.

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