Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mix Tape #2: The Decade Punk Sucked

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A selection of handpicked songs from the fertile decade that closed the 20th century from the band that defined sludge to Green Day and Rancid fans. I never liked either of those "punk" bands but I sure as hell took solace in Buzz, Dale and a revolving circus of bass players. I still do today as a matter of fact.

11 songs from 1990 - 1997 from the albums: Bullhead / Lysol /King Buzzo EP/ Self-titled EP (you know, the indian one) / Houdini / Prick / Stoner Witch / Honky /Stag & even a retake from Electroretard.

1. Second Coming
2. Boris
3. Revolve
4. Roman Bird Dog
5. Buck Owens
6. Rickets
7. Mombius Hibachi
8. Queen
9. June Bug
10. Joe
11. Honeybucket

Compiled by Alex


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