Saturday, February 27, 2010

Perhaps of interest to No Anchor listeners...

I'm doing a workshop on doom/drone at The Edge (State Library of QLD) this weekend, Sunday the 28th. I work one day a week at The Edge doing arts programming. It's a fun job. As part of that job, I was asked to present on my own practice and's going to get loud and heavy.

Should be a good afternoon. This is a totally free event. Starts at 2pm. It's open to everyone and you need know nothing about music or software to attend. No RSVP required. Basically you're welcome to just come along and listen to my presentation, have a play around with the facility (and my rig from No Anchor) and come and go as you please.

- Ian

Here is the brief:

Ableton Live Undead: The Basics of Using Live To Make Drone Metal

Facilitator: Ian Rogers

Ableton Live is a software-based recording and performance platform typically used in the creation of experimental and electronic based music. Renown for its non-linear arrangement, beat making and live looping capabilities, Live can be used in a wide variety of musical settings.

In recent years, Brisbane musician Ian Rogers (No Anchor/Ambrose Chapel) has developed strategies for using the software to forward his drone, metal and ambient music projects.

This workshop serves both as a beginners guide to Ableton Live and an exploration of its use as a tool for creating and shaping heavier, darker sounds. Attendees will be led through the basics of Ableton recording environment, studio recording of bass and guitar, looping, synth-making and live performance.


Rusty said...
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Rusty said...

Is there any video of this? I'd love to see your working methods.