Monday, November 16, 2009

Six Hands To Hurt You

We're happy to announce that we've got a third No Anchor now, Donovan Miller. Donovan currently plays in Butcher Birds and Die On Planes as well. Busy guy. But not too busy to bring the brutal with the No Anchor hobby apocolypse.

He also seems to like the band. Here is a photo of him moshing the fuck out at our Halloween show last year:

Also note: That's Zombie-Tom Hall on the far right and just over Donnie's shoulder you can spot Amelia Golding of The Rational Academy dressed as a pirate or Nadine from Twin Peaks, I forget which.

In other news I put out a press release before updating our blog so by now you may already have heard that we've got an unreleased track call 'Wolves Bite And Disappear' coming out on forthcoming compilation of FSS. Recorded by Todd Dixon in a disused museum and mixed by Lawrence English, sounds pretty good.

We've also started writing our new album. Alex and I wrote quite a bit of new stuff post-Steam (like Wolves) but a lot of now seems destined for B-Sideville. New stuff sounds - to me - a bit like 70s occult metal and bit more out and out doomed up. Maybe we weren't joking when we told every0ne we were a doom band?

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Anonymous said...

i have to say, i kinda look like i'm playing 'air-bass' in that photo... destiny?