Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best. Blog. Ever.

A few posts back, I mentioned LA rock juggernaughts Tool and their prominent role in my suburban heavy metal dreams. Now let me even up my street credit a little by mentioning that after Tool (and Helmet) came a lot of amazing Australian heavy music that few people ever talk about but completely rocks. When I was eighteen, everything became about Budd (I still think their early work is probably the archetypal Australian sludge sound - it's my archetype anyhow). After Budd came Au-go-go Records' Magic Dirt and Midget. After them came S:Bahn, Ricaine, 2litredolby and Tweezer. Then The Nation Blue.

And what gives me call to mention all this is that some radical adult has started a blog that shares some out-of-print goodness from many of those above bands. The good/bad news is that almost all of this work is out-of-print so whole discogs are up there. Visit and see here: The Lost & Found Music Library.

What I recommend in order is:
  1. El Cabalero Rojo by 2litredolby. This album is a dead certainty, it's amazing. Ask anyone anywhere who worked in an independent record store in the 90s and they'll back me up. Download it now.
  2. Total Abandonment of Better Understanding by Midget. Australian noise-rock of the highest calibre. My copy of the CD looks like it's been in a 1000 backpacks because it has.
  3. Stock Footage by S:Bahn. Fractured, fucked up noise-pop music. Golden. Said blogger has very wisely appended two killer comp tracks to this EP download.
The rest of it is good too: early Gerling (when they were an indie-guitar band), impossibly rare 7s from Midget and 2litredolby, Sealifepark, Purpelene and even some super, super rare Heinz Riegler.

Best. Blog. Ever.

PS: Speaking of rarities, my cousin and I are trying to track down a good quality boot of Magic Dirt Live-At-The-Wireless circa Friends In Danger / Young & Full of the Devil era. We both had it on cassette but have both lost it. It's fucking ruling...they play Sparrow, Babycakes, Choker, Rabbit With Fangs and maybe Friends In Danger (?) but it's with Dave Thomas instead of Raul. If anyone has this and can send me a link to it, I'd flip out I'd be so happy.

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lost and found music library said...

thanks very much for the kind words!
btw, unfortunately we do not have that Magic Dirt live set.