Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mix Tape #1: Urban Divinity Canyon

Mix Tape #1:
'Urban Divinity Canyon'

1. Wind's Dark Poem by Mount Eerie
2. White Bears Of Norway by The Rational Academy
3. Farewell by Boris
4. Minerva by Deftones
5. Wolves by Jesu
6. Parabol / Parabola by Tool

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A Note About This Mix:

Made a mix for Cousin James. Years ago he made me a mix. It was his post-rock mega-mix. It had five songs on it and it was totally, totally awesome: I think side B was entirely taken up with a single Mogwai track. This brutal 36 min beast is dedicated to him. It's also for him but you can download it too. Comes down the internets as one big MP3 and is mixed and mashed a little by yours truly.

A Note About Tool:

Carrie Brownstein once pondered a man who walked around Portland with a rat on his shoulder. She thought/wrote about what music this man listened to and decided it must be Tool. She was probably right. When I was 17 I used to go round my friend Paul's house and we'd listen to Tool's first album 'Undertow' and hang out. It was a total self-contained activity. Unlike Brownstein, I didn't grow up in close proximity to the American Northwest music scene in the 90s, nor did I recieve my guitar lessons from the guy from Sunny Day Real Estate. I learned how to play the guitar from Paul in his rompus room. The first thing he taught me was drop D. That said, we never walked around town with rats on our shoulders.

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