Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's True, We Played A Show...

Hair farmer.

Guy who takes photos of himself during soundcheck and posts them on the internet.

The Coronet. I love you but I hate you too.

None of this gear is recommended or endorsed, except the Tym Guitars Big Bottom and the Green Big Muff. The Leem channel splitter is a goddamn piece of shit. Worse than the Ibanez Soundtank Delay, so that's really saying something.

John Mercer's sweet sweet Gallien Kruger bass amp. Haven't played on one in years. One of the best. Solid-state and brutal, like Greg Ginn but more reliable.

Undead Apes. Even if they weren't good I'd probably still like them just for the name. But, they're good. Thanks also to The Sips and D.Black. My photos of those dudes sucked but they ruled it on the night.

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Tom Hall said...

please don't do cool posts like this, you make me home sick ;)