Monday, July 14, 2008

The Globe Theatre 11th of July, 2008

We've had four shows in four weeks and The Globe Theatre show last friday night has made it three from three for me. One: 'I Used To Skate Once' was a 1990s grunge filmclip with me bleeding. Two: Mary Trembles | Grand Fatal | Fickle Beasts @ The Troubadour was friends old and new; Grand Fatal ruled it completely, Mary Trembles were freakin' loud and good, The Beasts talked about netball and slayed. Then last week was the Grey Daturas in a venue I've never played in before. It's a weird place The Globe but not altogther unpleasant (if you don't expect some free beverages for playing). It looked a bit like this:

And sounded a bit like this: Turn It Up Blog!

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Anonymous said...

Another stylish show, lads. Drone Me Out was very cool. See ya 'round.