Saturday, March 15, 2008

Important Information

No Anchor would like to distribute the following important information online:

(1) We posted a demo recording of one of our songs today. If you like it and think it sounds unique and very textual (authentic even) then good for you + thank you, you’re welcome. If you think it sounds like a shitty practice room demo, please remember that we can do better...although we’re not trying to please you. In fact, we probably hate you and truth be told we are only interested in improving ourselves.

(2) American crime novelist Jim Thompson kept a list of all his enemies. He wrote their names down in a book. You should read his novel ’The Getaway’, you might like it.

(3) We’re playing soon. And we played not so long ago. But we wanna play more. If you’re putting a show together please email us at

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