Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good times, Good People

Well that certainly was big couple of days we just had in No Anchor-land. Thanks to everyone in Brisbane who came to our 7inch launch last Saturday night. We had a great time making a hell of a racket. To Quiet Steps and Tiny Spiders we tip our hats for being terrific and to the lads in Whitehorse, thanks for making the trek and setting the bar when it comes to Doom in this country! So good.

Well, the 7inch went live online last Saturday and thanks to everyone who's already bought a copy. They're all currently being juggled from mailman to mailman on their way to you. If you're still thinking of grabbing a copy then that's cool but just letting you know that I only have 32 copies (out of 100) of the single on blue vinyl on the desk beside me then they're all gone.

And so the train keeps rolling along. This is our next show in a few weeks and we're pretty damn stoked to be playing with these two awesome bands at The Zoo...

Head over to THE ZOO WEBSITE to buy tickets. They're ridiculously cheap for a International double header.

See you in the future!

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