Friday, September 9, 2011

The Next Twenty Two Shows

Yeah, we're pretty active at the moment.

SHOWS #0 TO #1:

Sat, Sept 10 - The Zoo, Brisbane QLD
w/Russian Circles (US) and Scul Hazards.

SHOWS #2 TO #11:

Wed, Sept 21 - The Croatian Club, Newcastle NSW
w/ Bare Grillz and Lennon Lenin.

Thurs, Sept 22 -
Photospace @ The ANU School Of Art, Canberra, ACT
w/ Scattered Order

Fri, Sept 23 - The National Hotel, Geelong, VIC
w/ Now You're Fucked, The Mung, Face On Fire +

Sat, Sept 24 – The Old Bar, Melbourne, VIC
w/ Harmony and Dead.

Sun, Sept 25 – The Squatters Arms Hotel, Adelaide SA
w/ Space Bong, Hydromedusa and Satellite Sleep

Mon, Sept 26 – The Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, VIC
w/ High Tea and Onion Engines

Tues, Sept 27 – The Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Melbourne, VIC
The Swamp and Joe Musgrove

Thurs, Sept 29 – The Patch, Wollongong, NSW
w/ TBC

Fri, Sept 30 – Repressed Records (Afternoon Show), Sydney NSW

Fri, Sept 30 – Cozy Castle (Address TBA), Sydney, NSW
w/ Dora Marr + TBC

SHOWS #12 TO #14:

Wed, Oct 5 - The Hi-Fi Bar, Brisbane QLD
w/ Mono (Japan) + Secret Birds

Sat, Oct 8 - The Manning Bar, Sydney, NSW
w/ Mono (Japan) + SleepMakesWaves

Sun, Oct 9 – The Bakery, Perth WA
w/ Mono (Japan) + Usurpers of Modern Medicine

SHOWS #15 TO #21:


For seven consecutive nights in October, No Anchor will play shows at West End venue The Waiting Room.

All shows feature a different set list.

All shows start at 8PM and are BYO.

(Wear earplugs, always)



Oct 15th @ Waiting Room
w/Dick Nasty & Death Cobra

DICK NASTY are the only band to have ever played a No Anchor song that isn’t called No Anchor. They’re also amazing. And relatively nice people. They’re a hardcore punk band of sorts but the very best kind: the kind that other hardcore punks bands don’t generally like. Meanwhile, experimental freak-flag ensemble DEATH COBRA are that rare band that emails No Anchor and asks for supports (we are VERY intimidating), so we gave them this, sound unheard. Hope they’re good.


Oct 16th @ Waiting Room
w/ Martyr Privates

MARTYR PRIVATES are probably the best named band in Brisbane and as such we never tire of this witty moniker of theirs. An added bonus is that they’re actually good: droning chords, pop smarts, vocal hooks and a subtle presentation. All the best stuff. Imagine Spaceman 3 meets not-giving-a-shit-about-influences-don't-be-a-wanker.


Oct 17th @ Waiting Room
w/ Tiny Spiders

TINY SPIDERS are fucking great. Sludge pop. Or maybe they take us instead to a parallel universe where ‘pop-rock’ is actually a good thing that good people want to listen to. Either way, it’s bold and essential stuff. Also, their film-clip is properly good, there's no better argument we can make:


Tues Oct 18th @ Waiting Room
w/ The Legend!

One of two INTERNATIONAL guests to appear at this event, The Legend! has released records on Sub Pop records, appeared onstage with Nirvana, Calvin Johnson and The Grates AND is surprisingly level-headed about all this. He is, without doubt, the most argued about person on No Anchor tours interstate….but it is ALWAYS us doing arguing for, unilaterally, on his behalf. Fans.


Oct 19th @ Waiting Room
w/ Big Strong Brute

BIG STRONG BRUTE is what we listen to since Jason Molina has gone into seclusion. Beautiful alt-country, sung in a longing baritone by a popular Courier Mail journalist. He may, technically, be what comes after the blues. Also: a snappy dresser. Ask your girlfriend/boyfriend.


Oct 20th @ Waiting Room
w/ Feathers

Imagine a band that didn’t just sing about weed and cats but actually were about weed and cats? Imagine it. Local psych-outfit FEATHERS are that + that moment in all the good David Lynch movies where narrative goes out the window and it’s just eerie things, a montage and endless reverb. Added to which is their band ethos, which is strongly informed by refusing to ever ever ever put out a record. Instead they impress with a live show powered by it’s own steam and good character.


Oct 21st @ Waiting Room
w/ The Keep On Dancin’s & Happy New Year (US)

THE KEEP ON DANCIN’S should be famous and might be, thus their inclusion here (remember us). A dreamy garage band that somehow doesn’t equate to garage-rock minus all the edges; they make no sense to us but we love it. In keeping with the technicolour vibe of the evening, HAPPY NEW YEAR from New York open up. Haps NYE is the shoegaze pop songs of Eleanor Logan and her friends/pick-up band The Rational Academy. Fucking good.


SHOWS #22 to #22:

Mere Noise Meltdown 2011

Guitar Wolf (Japan)
The Horrortones
Texas Tea
No Anchor
Undead Apes
Keep On Dancin's
The Danger Men
Tiny Migrants
The Chokes
Go Violets

Saturday 3rd December
Woodland (Venue Change)
Tickets on sale from Oztix now!

More information:




* Except support Motorhead.

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