Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The weekend after the night before!

Damn we had fun last Friday night at Woodland! Thanks to everyone in Brisbane who came to our album launch, danced along, grabbed a record or simply stood up to the ear and eye bashing we most likely gave you. Good times all round!

We've pulled ourselves together and this week have turned into budding mail room chimps and have been wrapping and packing and posting out all the LPs that folks have pre-ordered. So keep an eye on your mailbox over the next week for presents to arrive.

Which leaves one more RAD event on the horizon... Our instore at Tym Guitars (see above).

Obviously, not everyone could make it out last Friday so if you missed out then you should all come down to Tym's in Winn St, The Valley this Sunday around 2pm. If you didn't want to juggle a beer and an LP at Woodland, we'll have copies of our new album with us as well as some new t-shirts we've made up. And while you're there, you can have some lunch or a coffee at Flamingo cafe, check out Nine Lives Gallery next door or pop into the Outpost. All very civilised ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

So, hopefully we'll see you soon and thanks to all the folks who have said so many positive things to us about our record. After so much time spent making it, it's nice to know that you are all into it!


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me. said...

The show was fucking awesome guys, well worth the strobe blindness :)