Thursday, April 28, 2011

A quick word of thanks


Yesterday was kind of surreal in No Anchor land. That time when you really find out if folks care about the music you make. And the three of us were overwhelmed by the response not only from our friends but a whole lot of folks who we've never met who stepped up and were amongst the first to secure a copy of our new album. In fact were as stoked as that guy above.

When you write songs, play them for weeks, months and more and then go through all the repeated listens that comes with recording, mixing and finishing a record, you soon forget that other people haven't heard those songs.

The deluxe edition of the new album sold out in about five hours and by the end of yesterday we had ended up on the frontpage of the Bandcamp website due to all the activity.

So thanks a bunch!

...and remember that if you're in Brisbane, our album launch is at Woodland on Friday 13th May. If you've pre-ordered and don't want to wait for the postman to deliver your record (I know I'd like the Brisbane rain to stop soaking all my packages) - come along to the show, we will hand you your copy of the vinyl on the night and we'll give you back your postage costs which you can magically turn into a goodtime beverage!

Anyway, Hope you're all diggin' the digital download, I think the vinyl kicks it's ass hands down (but I would)!

See ya'll soon and remember... whenever possible, leave the house in a viking helmet!

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AXXONN: said...

well done mother fuckers!!