Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Album 'Real Pain Supernova'

It's good times here in the No Anchor camp. This morning a big old box of vinyl records arrived on our doorstep, thus completing the final part in the puzzle of No Anchor's third album.

Come May 13th (and Friday the 13th at that), we'll be handing over to you the album we have spent the last year working on. Yep, trawl back through the posts on this blog and you'll see it was many moons ago when Ian announced that we were in the studio. It's been long and (lucky for us), it's been cheap. Due to Donnie having mad recording and mixing skills, we didn't spend a dime making the album which left us with a pretty rad opportunity once we finished and that was to put the album out as a double LP. When was the last time an independent Australian band put out a double vinyl Lp?

So here's what our new album looks like:


Side A.
The End
Wolves Bite & Disappear
Come Again

Side B.
Dead Pony
Shut My Mouth

Side C.
The Perils Of Smalltown Living
Body Double

Side D.
Gatton Bohemia

Before you ask, there is no plans for a CD version of this album to be made. We've got 150 LPs made and the album is going to be available digitally too. It should be known though that the vinyl has an extra (rad) song that's not on the version that's going to be available digitally. There is three different colour versions of the artwork and on top of that, 25 copies of that 150 will be available as deluxe editions. These deluxe versions will come with the blood-red artwork, vinyl album, digital version of the album, t-shirt (designed by Murdoch Stafford), an original woodcut print of the image that adorns the front cover, hand printed by Alex and screened by Matt Deasy (http://7thdisaster.blogspot.com/) and a second download code to the song 'Mt.Sylvia' which isn't with the standard LP edition or digital version.

The standard Lp version will be available for $25
The deluxe version of the Lp will be available for $40
*plus postage if we're sending it to you.

Pretty much all of it has been hand made (except for the wax) by us or our friends. And as we speak, Alex is hunched over his kitchen table trimming the covers and putting the records together.

Sometime in the next week, we will put up the details here so that folks can pre-order and secure a copy of the album. Interstate folks will have their Lps sent out the week starting the 9th May and Brisbane folks will get their first chance to receive/pick up their copy at our album launch.

The album launch (as the poster below explains) is at Woodland, Friday 13th May and we'll be playing alongside the awesomeness of Undead Apes and Dreamtime. Dj Swede Tooth will be Dj'ing dub vibes to massage your ears between the bands. Anyone who saw No Anchor at the last Burst City show should prepare themselves for a return (but this time more luxurious) descent into hell.

So there you have it! Keep checking back as we put up more details. For now it's back to the assembly line!

The Doctor (aka:Donnie's Cat)


WeEmptyRooms said...

Holy fuck! Looks awesome guys.

leitmotif said...

Would love to reserve a copy of the deluxe package. Looks like a fantastic album..

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downloading now.