Monday, January 24, 2011

Take it to the woods, take it to the stage!

I have to say that No Anchor's third album is so close to cooked I can smell the burning solder coming from the amps! Seven months in the making, we're pretty damn stoked and a round of high-fives are in order.

But there's no point having new songs if you can't play 'em to your friends! We've got two awesome gigs coming up and were ready to get in some batting practice with your ears...

I think it was our friend Frith who said we'd played to many support slots of late so we've rectified the situation and will be throwing our (combined) weight around the luxurious Woodland club in a few weeks time. Come out and hear out new stuff. It shit's all over our old stuff (as they say).

But before that...

It's a double edge sword that this show, this weekend is top shelf but it also heralds the end of our beloved DIY venue Burst City. :(

Like all venue's of it's ilk (610, Russian Hall, St Alban's etc), it wasn't meant to last but it was a blast at every gig! Teargas are going to be scarce in the future what with band members traveling and the band hitting the US in a few months so make sure you catch Brisbane's best hardcore band too!

Later skater,

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