Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get On The Internet (Melvins/Converge)

Thought the Melvins remix album was a bit too harsh noise? Try these remixes of Electric Flower from their new album courtesy of Scion A/V.

Scion A/V Remix: The Melvins - Electric Flower by ScionAV

From Scion's Soundcloud: "For the latest installment of the Scion AV Remix series, legendary rockers the Melvins put their dooms and gloom anthem “Electric Flower” in the hands of some of the most exciting producers working in house and dubstep today. J Phlip, MRK 1, Lovelock and Doorly make the godfathers of grunge’s driving guitars and harsh vocals pop and hiss like you wouldn’t believe."

I would believe but I know what they're getting at.


Also: Converge playing live In Session on the BBC here.

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