Monday, February 1, 2010

Things I Probably Won't Do Again...

Play in cut-off shorts

Do a wah solo in cut off shorts

Allow drummer to play in muscle-tee whilst I'm doing #1 and #2

There's no photos of Donnie (yet) but rest assured he was wearing aviator sunglasses. And his mystical keyboard cat tee.

Awesome afternoon at 4ZZZ Carpark show. Thanks be to Zeds.
And Dick Nasty (who are now a decade in the making), Turnpike (a decade plus in the making) and One Shot Salutes (who are noobs by comparison, but also good).

Dick Nasty played a No Anchor song (K from Steam). If a bootleg turns up, I'll post it up. They ruled at it. Completely.

Thanks John, for the photos.

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