Friday, January 22, 2010

Weird Things...

...are afoot.

I'm scared we're becoming a PROPER BAND!

Consider these arguments for:
  • Three-Piece: We now have a slightly more conventional three-piece line-up. My father was actually quite concerned by our two-piece drum/bass line-up. He felt that venue bookers might not consider this a proper band. He was legitimately interested in whether this would work. I told him The White Stripes had brought the two-piece to the masses but also, yes, they had classic rock stylings and were better than us. Now, I'm not sure how Dad would feel about bass+bass+drums (I haven't asked him yet) but the 'three-piece' descriptor has to count for something right? Nirvana were a three-piece.
  • Radio Play: Not only did we willingly write a 2.5 minute song ('Wolves Bite and Disappear') but we also submitted it to radio (JJJ) and they played it the other night. That's proper-ish band behaviour. They played New Buffalo after us.
  • Touring: We're going back on tour again in April/May. Like every other wannabe band in Australia.
  • Live Album: We just finished making a live album. It's called 'Press Start and Wait for Drone...' It does what it says on the tin. And it actually sounds PROPER. I think people might expect something a little scratchy and gnarled out from us but no, our live album sounds 'good'. It has two new songs on it: a live version of our radio breakout single Wolves... and a new new song called Real Pain Supernova that is so good we've already scrapped it. The CDr (with fancy packaging) will be available at shows from now on. I'll put up some buttons on the site soon.
Things arguing against our status as a PROPER BAND!
  • Gross Unprofessionalism: On the live album, in the new song, I just sing aragh argh arghahs aaaa, in the second verse because I kept forgetting to finish the lyrics. I think a proper band would have deleted that song from the album.
  • Habitual Gross Unprofessionalism: We'd probably played that above mentioned song about a half dozen times before that show we recorded. But still, no lyrics. Lame. The only thing that (maybe) excuses this/me is that we didn't actually know we were making a live album. Thinks Murray Paas - we probably would have sucked harder had we known.
  • Key Change: We have a new song that has a key change in the third bar. Pretty sure that's a bad idea AND WE'RE STICKING TO IT.
  • Off-Stage Behaviour: I've been watching Gossip Girl. There I said it. There's no way we could be in a 'proper' doom band when I'm at home in front of the tele yelling 'Serena, what are you doing! You're turd, you're just a turd up there! Try and be a good person, just try! Gawd!'
XOXO Retardos!

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