Friday, July 3, 2009


A bit of a follow up to the 'End Of Financial Year Post'.

So No Anchor has officially put it's feet up and is currently sipping a nice hot chocolate. Ian has picked all the scabs off his wounds from our last show in Toowoomba two weeks ago and Alex (me) is officially on holidays from the world and work.

Ian and I were in the studio demoing some new songs over the weekend just past. These will see the light of day some time if we decide to put a bit of spit and polish on them. Otherwise you'll hear them live upon our return in a few months time.

We however do want to keep you abreast of what's going on so stay tapped into AxxOnn here: AxxOnn Do NOT however stay tapped into AxxOnn here: Patio Furniture it's a whole world of wrong!

AxxOnn have a "making sure they leave the country" gig next week. You can wish Tom and Ian a fond farewell or you can just try to steal their return tickets.

As for Alex (me again), I've got an exhibition of my art coming up. It opens on Friday 17th july at the Nine Lives Gallery. If you're around (unlike Ian and Tom, slackers) come by, have a look and say hi. I've made a blog with stuff from the show on it so you can preview bits and pieces there: Against The Grain

Alright then. Until we return. Have fun and we'll see you around.
Alex & Ian.

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