Thursday, June 11, 2009

End of the Financial Year

The financial year means nothing to us. Nothing! But things happen to be happening with us at the end of the fourth quarter of the 08/09 financial year / beginning of the 09/10 financial year. 

This is what's happening:
  1. No Anchor are playing two more shows this financial year before going on a short hiatus (see the sidebar for deets). Mostly because I'm going on tour overseas with my other project (AXXONN) but we need a rest anyhow. We've blazed through 30 shows, 2 mini-tours and 2 albums, 2 comp tracks and a split seven-inch in a little over a year and...I dunno, I'm scared the next thing we do might suck if we don't breath some new air for a few months. We'll probably be back in action  in October 09. 
  2. While I'm away Alex is just chillin' and watching TV. Just kidding, as if!  He has an exhibition of his woodblocks and prints happening at the Nine Lives gallery July 17-19.  It's called 'Against The Grain' and you can read all about it here. Those of you who purchased a physical copy of our Steam album will have seen a piece of this work - the skeleton guy on the horse, yeah, Alex made that. Nice huh. 
  3. We're recording again in June before I go. Just a clearing out of what's lying around. One track will almost definitely appear on a upcoming compilation by the wonderful FSS label.  The remaining tracks / demos are just gonna lie there. They might appear on a later album or they might get temporarily forgotten. 
  4. We've just contributed an older track (Drone Me Out) to the ongoing Droning Earth series. The compilations are both FREE to download and 100% legit. You can find Vol. 26 with us on it here. I'm downloading my copy now - and quite frankly, who wouldn't wanna hear what a band called 'Goat Tunnel' sounds like? (I'm hoping for Goat era Jesus Lizard meets Fudge Tunnel).
  5. Alex is listening to The Quickening. I'm listening to Sonic Youth. 
Peace out, see yrs at the shows or on the internet or in the summer time.
- Ian / No Anchor

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