Thursday, August 14, 2008

Injury Log #2

When drumstick meets head:

This happened mid-set the other night at the Hanger during our CD launch. Thanks to everyone who came along! Much appreciated. Also a big high five to Time Off for covering the event, even though it was held in a DIY artspace type evironment.

We had a good time, perhaps too good (an 'all-star' jam occured later in the evening). Special thanks to Secret Birds and Lawrence English; if you haven't given their stuff a listen, please do so, you can thanks us later.

So that's that mattress man. That cycle of the band is being put gently to sleep. We'll be giving Byron Bay a taste of that stuff next thursday - but from then on out we're gonna concentrate on new songs, a new album and new ideas. We're listening now, hearing the tale end of Boris records, bubbles and beeeeeps from the noise underground, the sounds of our friend's bands and walls of distortion from the UK. We're practicing and talking about Kyuss and Unsane (in the year 2008, no less). Alex has this colour coded print out of the future: No Anchor looks broader (not bigger) on paper. Here's hoping. Now's the time to think like this! Who can think in the Brisbane summer anyhow.

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