Monday, May 26, 2008

Tis the season for CD launches...

So we're playing another CD launch. This time with The Grey Daturas from Melbourne. I have fond/mortifying near-memories of being given a lift home from a venue once by/with the Grey Daturas. Yes, alcohol was involved. As was a Sandman panel-van. I remember three things: (1) the fear of death (2) that it was dark (3) that at one point I wasn't entirely sure I was even where I was supposed to be and may have drunkenly wandered off from my band mates in a foreign city. I figure at least two of those three memories are directly relevant to the Grey Daturas live experience and thus worth mentioning here.

They're launching this baby:
I'm a big fan of their second album 'Dead In The Woods'. I have to admit that on first hearing 'Return to Disruption' my first impression was this: 'Ok, what the fuck was that all about'. The next day I listened to it again to make sure I really didn't get it. Guess what? I still didn't get it. But strangely / awesomely, I then found myself listening to it twice a day for a week. Now I love it. I'm listening to it right now. I can't wait to see them live again.

The show is on July 11th @ The Globe. Along for the ride is a stellar line up: Grey Dats + Secret Birds + Roshambo + No Anchor + Candlesnuffer (Melb).

Also worth mentioning here is that the very next show we play after the three shows we have booked will be another CD launch: ours. No Anchor's first album is currently being mastered by Lawrence English at 154 and is titled 'Fire, Flood & Acid Mud'. This is what it'll look like:

We'll post some MP3s and some more details in the coming weeks.

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Cam said...

that art kind of reminds me of will schaff's work (he did art for gy!be's 'lift yr skinny fists', all the okkervil river albums and a whole bunch of others).